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Rigour – Inclusion – Personalised – Education

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Design features for students

The Modern Baccalaureate is designed to:

  • Motivate individuals to the highest attainment that they can achieve. It is not limited to a “single threshold” in a narrow attainment set and the achievements of the highest attaining are fully recognised, academically, practically and socially.
  • Include the full age and attainment range from 5-19.
  • Cater for the interests and passions of all students, building character and resilience, both in and beyond the classroom.
  • Recognise talents and commitment not normally supported by the current statutory curriculum and associated qualifications.
  • Provide the opportunity for students to drive and manage their own learning, through their own on-line evidence management system shared with their teachers and optionally their peers.
  • Provide easy access to evidence of learning that can be backed by as much detail as required.
  • Provide an employment “skills passport” as an essential element in a student’s verifiable school leaving profile.
  • Fit international best practice including the recent European Credit Transfer System (ECVET) to enable qualifications to be acceptable across 27 member state countries and increasingly taken up as a model as far afield as Australia.



Design features for teachers and senior leaders

  • Grass roots community driven to give practising education professionals the lead role.
  • A whole education approach that can support current and future government agendas for raising standards.
  • Compatibility with existing systems such as the need to support floor targets linked to both overall student progress and attainment.
  • Ability to take you from where you are now to where you want to be at the pace you judge to be sensible.
  • Coherence and a simplification of disparate systems that we can as a community further rationalise reducing management and administrative overheads.
  • Flexibility to design and support a curriculum that meets the needs of individual learners.
  • Reduced costs in qualifications by designing new and more relevant components through community participation.
  • Ultra low cost entry to join the community.

 ModBac community symbol

ModBac is a community.
ModBac is a curriculum kitemark.
Modbac is a framework for rewarding progress and achievement.

Design Features for FE/HE and Employers

  • ModBac transcript provides a verifiable record of an individual learner’s competencies, capabilities and strengths, as well as an overview of academic or vocational performance.
  • The Core Award grading system and statement gives a clear and concise indication of performance in regulated qualifications.
  • The Honours section indicates the breadth of personal development opportunities taken up by the learner.
  • The Employment Skills Passport describes personal competencies and skills acquired related to work and life beyond school.
  • Use of contemporary QR code and web technologies to increase security, reduce costs and promote convenience in accessing information about individuals.