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The Modern Baccalaureate support team is delighted to help you with any queries you may have regarding the Modern Baccalaureate Foundation, any element of the programme, or advice regarding support and training. Use the contact boxes below for enquiries about becoming a ModBac Centre or anything else. Use the member sign up to register as a community member now. It is free and we will send you community information from time to time to the E-mail address you provide. Traffic will not be high!

If you want to register as a ModBac Centre, please put your organisation name, address, and the name of your proposed Principal Assessor and their e-mail address below. Please make it clear in the message box that you want to set up as a centre. We will use this information to set up your account and invoice you. You can provide any other information you think helpful. If you are just making a general enquiry all we need is your name and contact e-mail and the nature of your enquiry.

Thanks for joining us.

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